Are You in the FIRE?

Though he Slay me

So, I was talking to a friend yesterday, she said her husband said he didn’t even know if there was a heaven anymore. Of course she was concerned. She is a believer and so is he.

Even the great giants in the Bible wrestled with their faith. It is the cry of our heart when we go through the fires to cry out, “God! Are you there?”

I think about Job and the fire he went through. He lost everything and his friends and wife were of no comfort to him. I bet he felt completely alone. I bet he cried out to God and he felt like he was talking to the wall. Because he could not see what and why this was going on. He couldn’t see it, but he felt it. He was attacked head on. Hit him right where it hurt.

How about Elijah? A mighty prophet who called fire down from the sky? Still, he hid in a cave, exhausted, alone, and afraid.

Even Jesus, on the cross, yelled out, “My God, why have You forsaken me?”

There have been so many things in my life where I felt so alone. I felt like God wasn’t hearing me. I felt alone. Loneliness is the worse kind of feeling.

It is times like this when we are just gonna have to buckle down and say, OK, God, I don’t know why, but You do and I choose to trust You. That is what faith is, right?  It is not the things we can see with our own eyes. It is the knowing. Faith is the substance of things yet seen, but hoped for.

How about you? Are you there now? Does it feel like the whole world is out to get you? Are the people who you love not there? Are you reliving everything in your thoughts? You know, the what ifs…if only I….?

My dear sister and brother, don’t let go, don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel.

We don’t know why things happen. Even when we think we are doing everything right.We prayed, we listen to that worship music and read the Word. We get on our knees and we cry out…. “God! Are you there? Have You forsaken me?”

If I know nothing else, one thing I do know, God said He will never leave us. He has shown up too mighty and faithfully for me to doubt Him now. This life is temporal, but His life is eternal. This test, this trial, this fire, this is your testimony. He is trusting you with it, because He has a greater purpose for it. Though it did not come from Him, He will turn it around for your good and to His glory.

This is what Job said, though You slay me, I will trust You.

Trust Him. He has a plan for you and He is with you and He is walking this with you and He has a way of escape for you. He is a good Father.

I Believe! (Click here)

Be Free & Stay Free



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