The Most Unusual Place: a short story

Her reflection in the mirror showed a tired woman. Her skin was blotchy, pale and discolored with dark circles under her eyes; dull brown hair replaced a once thick and glowing crown. She looked at herself as if looking at a stranger. There was barely any resemblance to the woman she was in her youth. […]

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The Fall: A Short Story

His tactics are stealth and he is sly and shrewd. His jealousy withered away his majestic stature; but his mastery of deception lent him the ability to take on any form.  He speaks into the dreams of the unsuspecting and the minds of the weak. He prays on the souls of the mortal; pushing them […]

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Little Girl Hidden

“Be very quiet and still.” She said, covering me up. “Stay hidden until I tell you it is safe to come out.” “But I don’t want to hide. I want to play like the other kids.” I pouted. “It’s not safe!” She scolded. Then softening her tone, “I promise I will come back for you.” […]

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