No More Self Loathing

We know God forgives us, because He says if we repent, He forgives us of our sins. We even forgive others (with His help). Yet… We struggle to forgive ourselves. Living in regret and shame keeps us in bondage. This is not God’s will for us. We start getting ahead and then that ol’ lying […]

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Ultimate Makeover

The question we all ask ourselves, huh. Who am I? For many, the answer to this question changes depending on the season.  Sadly too many base the answer on emotions, experiences, or what others have said about us; as if someones opinions define us. Times and seasons change. Society is a fickle people. With the […]

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Secure in Father’s House

I do not live in Mayberry or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, but I still like my neighborhood. I have only lived here for a short while, but I have gotten to know some of the neighbors and people and businesses close by.  As an extrovert I tend to say hello, good morning, or good evening to […]

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