Give Me The Power To Walk Away…

I could write a post, but I think this song and lyrics speak it all. I do hope you listen to this and it ministers to you. There are times I cry out to God, “Save me again! Rescue me!” He says to “Speak to it, Stacey. You have all authority through My Spirit.” I […]

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Come, Sing With Me

Let us sing songs… let us stop magnifying the problem…let us sing songs to the glory of the Lamb When He steps on the scene everything changes. Lives are changed, hearts are changed, souls are healed, hearts are mended. I pray as you listen to this song you will enter into true worship of the Living […]

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Calling All Men

Men have a great responsibility. I think sometimes we have under estimated their importance. I think we have mis-labeled men and chastised them for the sins of other men. Granted, there are some bad men out there in wolves clothing, but I believe there are more good Godly men who truly love the Lord. Because of […]

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