Free From the Law

This is our final week on the study of Galatians.

His Grace is Sufficient

Please check out my post for Galatians 2 study. As you may remember, I am collaborating with two other writers to write a study on Galatians. This week is chapter 2. Click on the link below and weigh in with any comments and/or questions.

Have a fantastic day!

So, what was Paul saying anyway?

I am honored to participate with two other bloggers on a study of Galatians. For the next six weeks, Dale Hill will be posting our study on Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays.

There are three of us writing, Dale is Monday, I am Wednesday, and Jonathan is on Friday. I encourage you to check it out and weigh in on any questions and/or comments.

It is exciting to see what Holy Spirit will speak through us. You can find the study by clicking on the link below.

Be Encouraged, Blessed, & Strengthened.