He Is All You Need

Sometimes people come into your life and you love them… but, they don’t don’t. Sometimes you see what could be… but, they can’t. And you are tempted to hold on a little longer, wait and see, because it is hard to let go. But, there comes a time when you have to just listen and […]

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Why Forgive?

This is what forgiveness does… … it frees us! When we can see the offender as someone trapped in their own nightmare, a victim (because without Christ that is what we are) then we have better understanding. When we suffer for Christ, we suffer as Christ did, for a people who had no light or […]

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Lily of the Valley

I am sitting at my laptop and wanting to write a post to inspire and encourage. You ever have those moments where your thoughts are being so consumed with the love of God and you want to share it? Such love can not be contained. I can not put my thoughts into a single coherent […]

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