Presence of affliction does not mean the absence of favor

TD Jakes posed the question, can God trust you with the trouble? Mary, blessed and highly favored, pregnant out of wedlock, the wedding she envisioned… gone, rode on the back of a donkey (in labor), to give birth to a child in a barn, to flee with her husband because there were those who sought […]

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Hidden Treasures

Treasure hunters will go to great lengths to unearth a treasure. Some may travel the far corners of the world to find the precious gem, risk life and limb, sacrifice rest and self, to excavate what they believe to be of great worth. What may look like nothing to an untrained eye, is sheer beauty […]

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The Cost of Yes

There is a cost to yes. When we found love, we say we are blessed. When our wallets are padded, we say we are¬†blessed. When doors open, we say we are favored. ¬†When our friends are at peace with us and our enemies are silent, we say we have His peace. When we throw up […]

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