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Second Chances

I just love a good testimony, don’t you? I love to hear how God is moving in someone’s life and blessing them. Earlier today, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a friends post. Reading his story inspired me and I asked him if I could share it with you. You see, some […]

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Who is God the Father to you?

If I ask you, who is God the Father to you, you may have different answers and may even find it easy to answer. ┬áBut, if I ask you who are you to God the Father, I think, maybe, we would hear some crickets. We see the greatness of God, we read His Word and […]

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Power of the Testimony pt. 1

Your testimony is powerful! Don’t ever be ashamed of it. Share it. Because through it are nuggets that will help someone else. James reminds us that all good things come from God. Sometimes when bad things happen we question God. We ask Him why didn’t He stop it and where was He. He was right […]

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