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I love books. I have hundreds of them and Fionnuala is constantly encouraging me to have ‘book culls’ in order to free up some space in our already packed to the gills abode. A few years ago she bought me a Kindle which rarely leaves my side. I probably have another hundred or so books […]

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Why pray?


“Hey, how is your prayer life?” This is a question my friends and I would ask each other. It was the best question we could ask each other, there is accountability and encouragement in this question.

Do you have a friend you call when you are having a bad day, got a bad report, your kids are in trouble, your finances are coming in short, your heart is breaking, or even if you just got some great news and want to share it with someone? Unless your friends response is, “Let’ pray,” I am afraid, although you may receive momentary comfort, the conversation will not result in change.

God, the Father, sent His Son, Jesus, to give Himself up for us so that we may be reconciled back to Him. He is a relational God, His heart is for us. He never leaves us, He is always present, but are we?

Prayer does not have to be viewed as a “chore.” My goodness, what a horrible feeling if someone we love only comes to us because they feel they have to and not because they want to. It is an intimate relationship to be able to come before His throne of grace and pour our hearts out to Him. To share all we have need of and to thank Him for all He has and will provide.


The more time we spend in His presence through prayer, the more we are changed and become like Him. You will know this is happening when your prayers become less “self” centered, and more for others. You will know you are falling more in love with Him when your prayers include more listening to what His Spirit says; when you are no longer talking “at” Him, but with Him.

This is a short teaching by one of my favorites, Jentezen Franklin, about prayer. I pray it encourages you and challenges you to focus more on building and strengthening your relationship with Christ through prayer.

Jentezen Franklin, Clean Your Mind to Pray, CLICK HERE