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The Pity of Prayerlessness

Do prayers matter? I saw an article headline about the prayerlessness of Christians. Strange that we should be a prayerless people. I am sometimes a prayerless person, too. I am being honest, and I think we should all be honest with ourselves. After all, denial is not just some river in Egypt. My mind can […]

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Re Blog of Paper Umbrella

This is an excellent post I am sharing form A Fractured Faith blog. If you enjoy this, check out their blog for some more good reads. I love books. I have hundreds of them and Fionnuala is constantly encouraging me to have ‘book culls’ in order to free up some space in our already packed […]

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Why pray?

“Hey, how is your prayer life?” This is a question my friends and I would ask each other. It was the best question we could ask each other, there is accountability and encouragement in this question. Do you have a friend you call when you are having a bad day, got a bad report, your […]

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