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Breaking Free from the Narcissus

There is a story in Greek Mythology about a handsome hunter. This man was so good looking, but apparently lacked integrity in his character. When he came across a stream one day, he saw his own reflection and fell in love with himself. Yes, Narcissus was so smitten with himself, he didn’t need a boo, […]

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Let Go & Grab Hold

Being stuck is an unsettling feeling. It can feel like being stuck in a tar pit and no matter how hard you try you can’t lift your feet out of it. It grips you with the tentacles of anxiety, fear, depression, regret, despair… I have never seen quicksand, but in movies, someone gets stuck in […]

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Wolves Aren’t Good Pets

What  I am about to tell you is a true story… After careful consideration and planning, my little girl and I adopted a dog from the animal shelter. We were ready for the responsibility and my travel had slowed down. We made the trip to the animal shelter and saw the most beautiful dog. He […]

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