What is a “sinner’s prayer”?

It is not a mechanical memorized verse. It is the utterance of repentance, an acknowledgement of sin, and a confession of your need for a savior and that Jesus Christ alone is the Savior. Only He can remove our sin and reconcile us back to God the Father.

His sacrifice through His death on the cross atoned for our sins, though He was without sin. His resurrection secured our new life in Him, an eternal life.

We can never pay the penalty for our sins, but we can confess, repent, and receive His pardon.

This is a personal choice we each must make. No one else can choose for us. It is not personal in the sense that it is private or secret, because true repentance and salvation brings a renewing, a re-birth, and cannot, will not, should not be hidden in a closet. It is personal in that it is a choice by free will to turn to Jesus for the saving of your soul, with a broken, yet thankful heart.

For what is prayer but an open, honest, unhindered conversation with God the Father. And what is conversation but speaking AND listening. Prayer is purposely coming before the Father and acknowledging His presence with a reverent and pure heart. It is being honest, not pretentious.

To be close to the One you love, to be near Him, does not always require words. In the quietness, when your words do not come, God is able to listen to your hearts joy or sorrow, and He is able to speak to you in a way that you will understand. Tears have a language of their own and God can understand them.

How great is it that God should desire a relationship with us that He should call us sons and daughters and friend!

Think on that.

Be Free & Stay Free

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