What Are You Looking For?

Always looking, yet coming up empty?

Not everything that comes easy is worth having. Nothing of value is cheap.

The GREATEST, Most VALUABLE , and PRECIOUS gift can not be bought with money.

It cost you nothing, but it will cost you EVERYTHING!

In the pouring out of yourself, He will fill you with Himself.

Whatever you are trying to fill yourself with, your well will run dry… BUT! HE can and will fill you to overflow and His well never runs dry.

When everything is falling around you, people are leaving you, you have lost everything, and your knees are shaking because you are at the end of yourself, and you don’t know how you are going to get out of this one… LOOK UP!

Father says He has got this, but you got to let go.

There is ONE who will NEVER leave you, NEVER forsake you, NEVER abandon you, NEVER reject you.

Salvation is in His name, and His name alone…


It cost you nothing, but it will cost you EVERYTHING!

Man’s math will never add up, give it all, yet gain everything?

Taste and see! The Lord is good!

Be Free & Stay Free

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