A Runaways Journey to Salvation

I wrote this story for women, young and old, and youth, who have experienced rejection, especially by those who are suppose to love them. Rejection can leave a scar not seen by the human eye, but is felt in the soul.

The young girl in this story is longing to belong, to be loved and accepted. Just like this young girl, in the search for a place to belong, the fear of rejection will rob you of your true identity.

No matter what, or who, you are running from, there is One who calls you to Him. There is One who’s love is so pure it can heal your deepest wound, and restore your hope and joy.

My prayer is, if you are running, you come home.

I am happy to take part in Read An Ebook Week, sponsored by Smashwords. You can purchase my story by clicking HERE, for just $2.50, The sale ends March 13th. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift. Help me share a young runaway’s story to salvation.

Be Free & Stay Free

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