Why I Wrote The Distance


When I first started to write The Distance, I was writing it for the young runaways. My protagonist is a young runaway named Sarah, and I started writing from her perspective, because I wanted the reader to be able to relate to her; to understand her. I also wanted the reader to see how God cares for those who are unseen, and very often unheard and misunderstood.
As I wrote other characters into the story another perspective came to surface, and this perspective came in the form of a still small voice, wooing her and leading her steps. You see, Sarah, like most people who have been wounded deep in the soul, didn’t think thatidentity she was worthy of love and acceptance. Most of what she experienced was fear and rejection. Because of this fear, she had to pretend to be someone she was not. At such a young age how could she possibly know what her real identity is? Are you like Sarah? Have you tried to fake it until you make it for so long that you have just become a shell of yourself? Have you lost your identity?
Rejection twists the truth and distorts your reality, so that not only do you begin to believe the lie that it tells you, but it also blinds you to the truth of who you were created to be. Then in your own self-protection you push the very One who loves you away; you unwittingly reject the One who can heal your wounds. Oh, you don’t mean to do this, but it happens.
My hope for everyone who reads my story is to know and believe that no matter what your past is, it does not have to dictate your future. Even if you were rejected by the very ones who were supposed to love and care for you, my prayer is that you will know the One who will never reject you. If you are hurting, there is a Healer. If you are lonely and afraid, there is a Comforter. If you have never known the love of a father, there is One you can call Abba Father. You do not have to live in fear, because He is your Protector.
God can love you through other people. And God can use words from a book.
If you can relate to anything I said, and you would like to read about Sarah, I invite you to read my book The Distance, A Runaways Journey to Salvation. It will be released at  major retailers on July 5th, but you can get your copy now by clicking HERE. I do hope my story blesses you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If the story spoke to you, please leave a review on page. Be blessed!

Be Free & Stay Free

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