Celebrating My First Book Release

Join with me on my happy dance.


After years of writing, shelfing, re-writing, and shelfing, and rewriting… my book has finally been published!

I am thrilled! SLKessler-72dpi-1500x2000

My prayer is that my story speaks to the heart of the reader and brings healing to those who have been wounded by rejection.

Although my story is fiction, the truth of what fear and rejection can do is very real for so many.  Like Sarah, the main character, many of us have learned to hide behind masks and “re-create” ourselves to be whoever we feel we need to be at the moment. In the striving to be accepted we lose our identity.

For some, like Sarah, the wounds to the soul begin early in life. No matter if the abuse was emotional, verbal, or physical, it will leave a scar, and it will impact the rest of your life.

Do you ever wonder why, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself in one failed relationship after another? Or maybe you are stuck and afraid of moving forward. Do you talk yourself out of opportunities because you are afraid you will fail, so you don’t even try?

Fear is a crippling thing.

I invite you to join Sarah on her journey to salvation.

Sarah is a runaway from home. She is running from an abusive father. She is surviving on the streets, finding shelter and food wherever she can find it. To survive she has to pretend to be someone she is not. She has no idea what love looks like or what a normal family is, she only has her imagination to go by, and so she searches for a place where she can belong. Unfortunately, rejection has left it’s mark on her and she is afraid to be honest with the very people who can help her. What if they knew the real her? Would they reject her, too? And what about the voice she keeps hearing, is it all in her mind?And if God is real then why does He allow bad things to happen? She wants to believe, but she fears He will reject her, too. But God has a plan and purpose for young Sarah, and no matter how far she runs, unbeknownst to Sarah, God directs her path to Him.

My friend, what are you running from? Are you physically present, but you have hid yourself so well that healing eludes you? There is One who can and will heal your most inner parts and reveal the you He created you to be.

The Distance is scheduled for release with major retailers on July 5th. However, to show my appreciation for my friends and followers, I have launched an exclusive pre-sale so you may read it before the rest of the public.

You can purchase your copy by clicking HERE. I look forward to your feed back. If the story spoke to you, please leave me a review on my Smashwords author page HERE, or leave a comment below.

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Be Free & Stay Free

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