Second Chances

2nd chance

I just love a good testimony, don’t you? I love to hear how God is moving in someone’s life and blessing them.

Earlier today, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a friends post. Reading his story inspired me and I asked him if I could share it with you.

You see, some of you might  think you blew it. You think you have been given so many chances, and God can’t, or won’t, give you another chance. You carry regret, shame, and self-condemnation like a badge of dishonor. If you can lay that badge down for a minute and read Curtis’s testimony about a God of second chances (and third, and fourth…), I believe you will be encouraged and reminded that God has not overlooked you, and in His timing, and for His purpose and glory, He will work ALL things together for YOUR good, because you love Him and are called according to His purpose. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Thank you, Curtis P, for allowing me to share your story.




I’ve been waiting 4 years, faithfully, for God to bring someone back into my life. Someone special to do life with. I’m sharing this because it’s the present revelation of Gods great love for me in my current life. Also, I know there are many out there, like me, that have had failed relationships; maybe many failed relationships… one after the other. I am hoping my story will bring hope to at least one person.


I am going to be transparent and share some painful points in my life AND the promises of God that carried me through the pain. Especially how God can still bring us someone special after so much has gone wrong and He gives us another chance to have it go right.
Well here goes…


I was married for almost thirteen years. Because of addiction, chronic illnesses, regular life stresses, and slowly drifting from passionate devotion to God and each other, my marriage ended. On March 15, 2015, my wife said she was leaving me, and two days later she took our daughter and never came back. Understand this, my wife leaving does not make her the bad guy. At first, I blamed her for leaving. But then I understood why she needed to get out of the situation. My addiction was killing me and our marriage.

I had an addiction problem since the age of fourteen, I am now forty-one years old, and within the last five years I have found freedom in Christ. He has broken chain after chain in my life as I walk with Him. In the past five years God has shown me His amazing, redemptive, and restoring power, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

curtis pic

Through prayer, trusting, and waiting on God, my relationship with my beautiful daughter, who is now fourteen and lives with her wonderful mom, has been restored. We have the closest relationship and love for each other than I could have imagined. I am also FREE from addiction to opioids and heroin, PRAISE GOD!

God has restored my call to ministry to worship, Disciple men, and serving my church and community. Again, this is from prayer, trusting, and waiting on God.

Finally, after four years of waiting, God answered another prayer and brought someone special into my life; the most beautiful, God passionate, smart, giving, selfless, committed, curtis pic 2precious, valuable, tender, humble, sensitive, woman, who shares a story of redemption like mine; once broken, now wholly restored.

I have been praying, trusting, and waiting on God faithfully. In His loving kindness, and according to His promise, He has answered. It is with thankfulness I now say, I have truly found the one my soul longs for. (Song of Solomon 3:4).

To those who are still waiting on God’s perfect timing, be encouraged, and know this:

If we delight in Him (wait), He will give us the desires of heart. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (wait). If we humble ourselves under His great hand (wait), in due season He will exalt us, that is, lift us to a place where we can shine bright for His great love and evident faithfulness to us. Showing off His love for us by our lives being brought from death into life, allowing us to walk out right before our own eyes and others, how great is the love expressed through salvation; completely fulfilled, grateful, and blessed beyond measure; purpose driven, God focused, Kingdom delivering, life giving and life changing person in to existence… and that person is me.

This is what Jesus died and rose again to give us, a relationship with Him, and living waters of life.

We can all walk in what I am walking in and find a life in Christ that is worth living and dying for. A life so full and filling that it overwhelms and overflows into everyday and everyone we encounter, showing this broken world that a loving God undeniably exists. Through His Son you can live the full purposed life and inspire in every way, to be His witness.

WAIT ON HIM! So long as it takes and as hard as it can get. Keep praying, believing, trusting, and crying out. I hope you find hope, faith, and love in God. What He did for me He can do for you.

curtis 4

For more information about Curtis’s ministry, you can reach him through Dwelling Place Church, Discipleship Freedom Homes for Men & Women struggling with life controlling issues. Millville, NJ 856-300-5262


Be Free & Stay Free


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