Learning from Ruth


Do you want to know the secret to “finding” a good man who will be an honorable husband? You might be surprised to learn that finding doesn’t always begin with searching.


Ladies, a lot can be learned looking at the life of Ruth. (click here)
Ruth didn’t find Boaz because she was searching for him. She was not out looking for a husband. She was serving. She was a woman of integrity and moral character. She was caring for her widowed mother-in-law who was also her mentor. She submitted herself to the care and wisdom of Naomi, her mother-in-law.
She didn’t look for Boaz, Boaz took notice of her. It was not her beauty that first caught Boaz’s attention, although I am sure she was beautiful. Boaz was much older than Ruth, so as an honorable man, he looked at her as more of a “daughter,” than a “possible lover.” Do you hear what I am saying, ladies? He saw a young woman working in his field, minding her own business, not posing with seductive allure. She was probably a sweaty mess, because she was working in a field. Her focus was not on looking cute or getting attention; her focus was on her mission, to do what she could to help her mother-in-law, and this is what caught Boaz’s attention.
Boaz noticed her and didn’t know who she was until he asked.
I am going to pause here. Let this drive home for you. When you are a woman of integrity, with good character, AND favored by God, then you will not have to go out and “find your man.” God, Himself, will direct him to you.
Too many women, (and I will admit I have been guilty of this before, too) set their sights on a man who seems to flip the bill for what they want and then do everything to get their attention and manipulate circumstances to put them in their life. Unfortunately, the result is a lot of heartache that could have been prevented if they had just waited on God, and in the waiting worked out their own call and serve.
A woman who knows who she is and her own value. Or to be more direct…a woman who knows her identity in Christ and the value He has placed on her, will not seek a man to rescue her, because she will not need to be rescued if she is under the covering of her Father. She will know she is royalty, because her Father is the King, and she will wait and allow her Father to present her to the man who is worthy of His daughter.
When Boaz noticed her and inquired who she was, the report he received about her was good. I imagine he already heard of Ruth, because he is a relative of Naomi and when Naomi came home and brought the young woman with her, word traveled. Nothing negative could be said about Ruth, she stayed close to Naomi. She didn’t go into town and make a reputation for herself. She didn’t say, “I’m gonna go out and find me a husband to take care of us.” She wasn’t found in bars, on dating sites, posting selfies on social media with the pucker lips and cleavage advertising her availability. No, she was a woman of integrity, moral character, and good reputation.Of course, a man, such as Boaz, a Godly man, will take notice of her and want to extend covering and care for her.
A Godly man will protect a woman’s purity, integrity, and reputation. He will first acknowledge the woman as a daughter of God and will treat and respect her as such. He can see beauty, but the beauty inside of her is what he will respect and seek to preserve and cause no injury to. Of course, this does not mean he is blind to the physical beauty, but he will not be ruled by lust and self-gratification.
So, Ladies, if you want to find him, quit looking for him. Position yourself for him by preparing yourself. Because a Godly man wants a Godly woman. A man with a purpose will not waste his time with a woman who is unable to be a helpmeet to fulfill his God given purpose. Just as you were created by God and for God, so was he, and it is not his role to “fix you” or make you “whole.” No man is your savior, you have only One Savior, and His name is Jesus.
Any man who is not submitted to the Lordship of God, is NOT a safe man. If you keep looking for a man, you will find a man, but I can assure you, the man you find will be beneath the man God will bring to you. Our vision can be short sighted. Our vision can also be clouded by past experiences and unrealistic expectations. Don’t you know that God knows you and knows what your needs are, better than you? Do you not know how much your Father God wants only His best for you? If you want God’s best for you, then give Him your best. Submit yourself to Him.

In your waiting, let this be a season of preparation.

1. Draw close to God. Use this time to seek and worship Him. Let God romance your heart. He is after all the Bridegroom. Read your Bible daily, pray always, and acknowledge His presence. In so doing He will minister healing to your heart, He will steady your mind, and He will give clarity to your vision. In short, He will transform you into the image of Jesus.
2. Serve. Volunteer and help others.
3. Stay connected in the local church body. Develop Godly friendships with other women.
4. Find a mentor, an older woman in the faith, a spiritual mother.
5. Take care of your body and health. Break any unhealthy addictions. Eat healthy. Stay active.
6. Be faithful with what God has given you. Use all your gifts and talents to honor Him and bring Him glory.

You may say, “Lord, what about me?” He says, “Daughter, look to Me.”

Be Free & Stay Free

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