Master Gardener


I admit, I have never been accused of having a green thumb. When I bring a plant home, it is almost as if I can hear Taps being played in the background. I have either drowned them with too much watering or they have dried up because of my neglect. Poor things.

I have learned some things though, in this journey of How To Not Kill My Plants 101.

Plants need good soil, the right amount of water and light, and the proper size container.

Now, some plants do better in bright light, while others prefer indirect light. Some like wet soil, while others prefer almost dry. But, one thing they all need is good soil.

As I thought about my one remaining live house plant, it occurred to me that I am like a plant. We all are.

Are we rooted in good soil? Is our foundation rooted firmly in Him? Is our soul being watered daily with His Spirit? Are we living in His light and shining? Or have we been side tracked, discouraged, or distracted by the concerns of this world? Have our roots become bitter from hurts and disappointments? Are we hiding from the light because we carry shame and regrets that we are not meant to carry?

Ah, my dear friends, let us flourish and remain a reflection of His light to a very dark world. Let us go before Him and offer ourselves to Him and allow Him to prune away anything in us that is not bearing fruit. The pruning may sting, but that is the way we grow.

For a fruit tree to bear fruit, the gardener has to prune the dead limbs, because the dead limbs serve no purpose but to drain the rest of the tree of it’s life. Pruning produces more fruit.

I pray, as you submit to Him, He will fill you to over flow with His Spirit and His fruit will spring forth in and through you for life giving nourishment to you. And all He places in your path will know you carry the Spirit of the living God.  May His mercy and goodness create such a flow in you that you can not contain it.

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Be Free & Stay Free





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