It’s Never What You Think It Is

In ancient Rome the term ‘legion’ was used to describe a group of fighting men. They were a well organized unit and trained for battle. A legion of soldiers would consist of 4,000 to 10,000 men. A full strength legion is 6,000, but they generally consisted of approximately 5,300 fighting men, including officers.

When we consider the demoniac in Mark 5, we can see just how tormented he was. The man had issues! So, many issues, that when Jesus asked the demon to name himself the demon couldn’t state one name, because he said they are many. I heard a really good teaching on this last evening and it got me thinking, even more. (Yes, my mind never stops)

The enemy is very strategic.  His attacks are with military precision.

So, one thought led to another and the word ‘flank’ came to my mind. So, of course I google ‘what does flank mean in warfare’.


  • It’s used in all military and basically means you’re approaching the enemy around their flank (where the flank means the side). It can also just mean approaching the enemy from a route other than the most obvious one (straight on). It’s when you sneak around the side of an enemy and wipe them all out before they see it coming.
  • It means they are going around you and coming up at the side or most effectively from the back.
  • It’s when you sneak around the side of an enemy and wipe them all out before they even know your there!
  • What usually happens is some of the guys provide suppressing fire (where they just shoot to make sure the enemy doesn’t try to shoot back at the moment. They don’t really try to hit anyone (unless someone comes out of cover) they just shoot so they DON’T come up.) and while they do that, the other guys can move through the open without getting shot at, they go to the enemy’s backs, or sides (where they have no cover), and take them down.

Do you see how strategic this is? Do you understand how sly the enemy is? Do you really think you are just fighting a little nymph with horns and a pitch fork?

Ephesians 6:12 say’s, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Do you really think this all about you? Oh NO, my friend! This is not about you. The enemy doesn’t just want to kill you, he wants to destroy the seed. He wants the territory. He wants to intimidate you, strike fear in you, steal from you, and he wants to leave his calling card so anyone who witnesses what he has done to you will tremble and surrender. The attack can be very personal, but do NOT for one minute think it is just about you. He is after the seed!

Do you not know you are made in the image of God? Your mere existence is a threat to hell.

Years ago I knew a man who worked in missions in the Sudan. He shared stories about his experience there. The LRA would come into a village and burn it to the ground. They would rape and slaughter everyone there; men, women, and children. But, they would leave one barely alive as a calling card for whoever found them. It was a warning to fear them.

This is what Satan does. He will take out your village and leave you maimed, so you won’t dare come against him again and so that anyone who saw the shambles your life is in will not want to follow the God you serve.

The biggest attack he will launch is against marriage. He knows a Godly marriage is a representation of Christ’s love for the church. He will sew seeds of discords, suspicion, pride, fear, etc… to take your marriage out. You MUST keep the three chord strand intact, my friend. You must focus on Christ and trust Him.

The enemy will send a flank around you and you will not see it coming because he will have you so focused on the petty. The death blow rarely comes head on, it is from behind. It is in your blind spot, beyond the peripheral. You think you are fighting about this, or worrying about that? You get your feelings hurt and you launch an emotional attack? You think you know everything, yet you do not ask for understanding?

Too many marriages, families, ministries, have been burned at the stake because we do not recognize who the enemy really is. Your spouse is not your enemy. Your co-worker is not your enemy. Your child is not your enemy. The man down the road is not your enemy. Know who the enemy is. Do NOT get distracted with the petty.

If you fight your battles on the petty, you will never be able to stand against the death blow. You won’t even see it coming.

What you are going through is not a coincidence, nor is it unrelated. It is all very strategic.

How do you fight this attack? By putting on the full armor of God. See Ephesians 6

I want to close with this thought. Do not attempt to fight this alone. If you are isolated, a straggler, you are an easy target. Isolation is a clever ploy of the enemy. He knows if he can get you alone, then you will have no one to watch your back. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in fellowship with other believers.  The word say’s, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16

Let us love one another and forgive one another, as Christ loves and forgives us.

So, think about this the next time you want to take offense, or get angry, or your “feelings” are hurt. Know where the attack comes from and know…. it is never what you think it is.


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