Battle Ready

Don’t think for one minute this is not a battle, an all out declaration of war. From Genesis to Revelation it is a blood bath. If I have a weapon I am not going to wait for the enemy to break into my house to learn to use it, so I can fumble around while he steals from me and kills my loved ones. Heck no! I will be armed and ready and he will tremble when he comes jiggling my door knob.

The devil doesn’t care how much Word we know or can quote. He could care less if we dance in church, sing in the choir, or thump our Bibles on the street. But what he does not want is for you to get the word in your spirit, into your belly…. so deep you actually believe it.

The enemy is subtle in his attacks. He is sheer genius in war tactics. He will never come at you face on, he will get you from the sides, your blind spots. He studies you and he strategizes.

Do not hear only through the opinion of others, through preachers, and Bible quoters…. you better get the Rhema word for yourself. The opinion of others can affect our ability to discern truth. You better know Him for yourself!

This video blessed me and it I guarantee it will set a fire in you.

Stand strong, because the time is short.

2 Comments on “Battle Ready”

  1. The following list of questions was posted in a private message to me this morning (6/30). Apropos to your last paragraph.

    Insolvency – a life dependent on outer means and stimulus. How about a situation in which you were stripped of the outer expressions of the Faith coming to you – the Sunday fellowship, its preaching, its edification and its jubilation?
    How about the stripping of or a stymied inflow of the truisms, the confirmations regarding prosperous days ahead and the declarations of an overcoming of the dark forces of this world? Would you be able to live in solitude, only depending on what comes to your spirit directly from above – from Heaven? Are you able, able indeed, to identify and interpret what the Holy Spirit intends for your future and to adjust accordingly? Are you living on what other men and women have gathered as spiritual reality in songs, in poetry, in preaching and testimony – or are you growing spiritually on the basis of a personal history with the Lord? Is your reality truly based on fellowship with the Lord, in a life lived in Christ Jesus? Or, do you live a life in poverty, dependent on “crumbs which fall from other men’s table”. Pertinent questions, aren’t they??

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    • Yes! Great questions! This is why we MUST know the Lord and hear His voice for ourselves. So, when we are stripped of everything we may hear Him for ourselves. Also, because we know the day is drawing very near and there are many ear ticklers out there, speaking only half truth, we must know Him for ourself so we can discern.

      The writer of the question makes very good points. We can not live on, nor grow from, someone else’s crumbs. We are responsible to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

      Here in America we do not have the persecutions Christians in other countries face. We don’t have the fear of death. Is this what it will take to shake us, so that we step out of our complacency and comfort zone and get real with Him?

      Thanks for sharing this Dale. It causes us to think, doesn’t it?


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