A Strong Foundation

I enjoy walking through neighborhoods with older houses. I appreciate the architecture. Some of them are beautiful. I was raised in a city with very tall buildings. To see the top you have to lean your head back and look up. To me, it is amazing how they were built so tall and detailed. It is not just the outside of the building, it is also the inside, where the intricate details are visible.

I liken a tall building to an iceberg. I can see what is above ground, I may even be able to go into the basement, but I can not see what lies below. For the building to stand and weather storms, high winds, and time, it must have a deep foundation.

I once had a neighbor build a home next to mine. Before they started to build the house, my yard was fenced in with trees. I was disappointed when they came in and cut the trees down. Then they started to dig the foundation. It was a mess! It stirred up the bugs and when it rained, what was once a beautiful wooded area, became a huge mud pit. It was an awful sight to look at.

Slowly, a home was built. The finished project was actually quite pretty. The muddied pit became someone’s home. The dirt was covered with grass, flowers were planted, and I was blessed with new neighbors who became friends.

This is like us. We are a building in progress, aren’t we?

During the season of growth, things can get pretty muddy. To have a strong foundation, so we may be able to stand when the storms come, we must dig deep.

If Christ is our builder, and our foundation, we can be sure when He digs into our foundation some critters are going to scurry. We can be sure the rain will fall and it will create some mud.

We know some things need to be uprooted to make room for what He is building in us. It may look ugly for awhile, but when He is finished we will be a beautiful creation designed by the Master Builder.

I don’t know about you, but I want what He builds to last. I want Him to be my foundation. I want Him to put the shovel deep into me and remove anything that will cause cracks or weaken the foundation.

We have a choice, we can build the house ourself and take short cuts. It will look nice for awhile, but when the storm comes it will crumble. Or we can submit to Him and get out of the way and trust Him. Trust, He always finishes what He has begun.

 [But what of that?] For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us and for us and conferred on us! Romans 8:18

3 Comments on “A Strong Foundation”

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  2. Great analogy. I had never considered the dirt and the mud and the stirring up of the critters during the laying of the foundation. What a concept. If we could grasp that, we might not be so harsh on those who are actually growing, rather than thinking “they are not mature.”
    This post has a bit of an “ouch” for me.

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  3. Thank you for your comment, Dale.

    When my neighbors built their house I was there to see the mess. It was hard to look past the mess and envision the home that was coming. I was annoyed with the neighbors I haven’t even met yet because of the “inconvenience” they caused me. Geesh, how short sighted, huh? But when the project was finished, it was lovely and I gained new friends.

    We all have critters that get stirred up. Some are obvious, some are not. But, thanks be to God, we can trust when He is finished the foundation will be air tight and solid, if we submit to Him and do not rush it or avoid it.

    Blessings to you, my brother.

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