Beware of the Wolves

This is a good post on relationships with a wonderful analogy, from lover of blue. Check his blog out

Thoughts from Lover of Blue

Some years ago I returned home for the summer break from missionary school. My family had moved downstate to a much larger town and around the 4th of July we rented some videos from the local grocery store. A few days later, my mom and I went back to the store to return the movies. My mom was driving and talking while I sat in the passenger seat ready to hop out and run the movies back into the store. As we drove into the parking lot, we heard firecrackers going off which we didn’t think much about as it was part of the holiday celebration. My mom kept driving towards the door of the “big box store” and was talking away when I looked up and then screamed, “Turn! Turn! He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” What we had thought were firecrackers turned out to bullets flying…

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