Wilderness, Depression, & Stars

I Am Not leah

We are not always in the wilderness for punishment. That is not how God works.

Yes, sometimes our own choices can land us in a dark place, but even then God says He can use it to turn it in to something good if we just look to Him.

Sometimes we are there because of something someone else did to us. We get so wrapped up in pain, shame, guilt, and fear; it can be hard to see anything beyond the yesterday.

He does not delight in seeing His children roam around in the dark, walking into walls, cowering in the corners… No!

He says to look to Him, have faith in Him, trust in Him, believe in Him. He will bring healing and deliverance.

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him… JOB 13:15

He is our creator, nothing that exists is without Him. All good…

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