There Are No Orphans in His Family

I Am Not leah


Locking the door behind her, she slid the window open and slipped out feet first, she ran as soon as her feet hit the ground.

She knew it would only be moments before her father noticed her missing and come looking for her. She had to get distance between her and him. He was in one of his rages and she shuddered to think what would happen if he caught her.

This scene repeated itself several times through out her young years. This how the life a run-away begins.

This run-away was me.

(I will pause here for a moment…. one of the reasons I started this blog is so I can journal my healing. The catalyst was a painful break-up. Through my ramblings you will read some of my inner most personal struggles, fears, sorrows, regrets, and struggles. What I have noticed, I have patterns (as we all do)…

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