Calling All Men


Men have a great responsibility. I think sometimes we have under estimated their importance. I think we have mis-labeled men and chastised them for the sins of other men. Granted, there are some bad men out there in wolves clothing, but I believe there are more good Godly men who truly love the Lord.

Because of the single parent households out there, it is sometimes easier to point fingers at the opposite sex. But let us be honest, a child needs both parents. The father plays an important role in shaping a child’s identity. He teaches the boy how to become a man and the girl what to look for in a man. I believe if we look at the root causes of broken women, it will point back to the relationship with her father.

A father is the first example we have of Gods love for us. Is he angry, distant, non-existent? Or is He always present, loving, nurturing, protective?

I encourage women to pray for our men. Stand beside them, for the mantle they carry can be heavy at times.

Fathers, love your daughters, because they will marry someone like you.

Fathers, teach your sons, because they will be men.

Men, do not say “I love you” to a woman unless you are ready for that commitment. Words bind and if not spoken in truth can wound.

Husbands, love your wives, lead her with a gentle hand, cover her with your prayers, comfort her with your arms. Let your words be edifying, build her up, do not tear her down. She follows you as you follow Christ, do not lead her astray. Encourage her in her calling and her gifting. Be confident in Christ in you, so you will not tear down her confidence. F
ollow hard after God, you will need His strength as you lay your lives down daily and you will need His wisdom as you lead. Do not let your hands become idle or your family will be hungry.

Remember who you are and who He is and who He has called you to be. Trust He has equipped you for your purpose. Do not slumber, be vigilant. Watch over your house or the thief will come in and steal what is yours. Rise up, men of God and take your place. Do not look for an exit or an excuse, you made a commitment when you put that mantle on. Trust God to finish what He has begun in you. Let Him love others through you. Bring healing, not wounds.

Be Free & Stay Free

6 Comments on “Calling All Men”

  1. I really agree with this. I come from a broken household, seek for men like my dad and then get hurt cause they turn out to be exactly the same.. it’s something i need to change but you can’t always help it.. Beside it all i still know there are good men out there 🙂 Just need to find the right one haha great writing!

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    • I have done the same thing. I came from a broken household and I promised myself I would never meet anyone like my father. And guess what? I did. several of them! The good news is, there is something we can do to help it. We are not without hope. It is only when we allow Jesus to do the inner healing we need, when we can fully be healed. It takes a supernatural touch from Holy Spirit to be able to bypass our minds/intellect, our brokenness, our habits, our hurts; to reach in and bring healing to our wounded souls. More great news! God is not angry with you, He loves you, His love is perfect and unconditional. There is never shame to bring it to Him and leave it with Him. I pray you feel His presence and His love, may you know the beauty within you and how precious you are to Him. You are of great worth. Thank you for your encouragement. Blessings.


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