Love Encounter

My lover is so jealous for me. He wants to be number one! He wants to come before everyone and everything.

His passion and compassion are beyond measure! He cares for all of my cares. He takes such good care of me. He is an excellent provider.

When I cry, He holds me. When I laugh, He laughs with me. He sings over me and dances around me. I trust Him completely. He never says no out of selfishness. He says no, or not now, because He wants me to have His best. When He says yes, no one can stop it.

When others bless me, He blesses them. When an enemy tries to come close, he stops them in their tracks.

When I am lonely and ask “when”, He says be still. When my mind is tempted to “go there” He reminds me to sing instead. When my pillows are wet from tears, He wakes me with a new song and a new day. When everyone else says it’s impossible, He reminds that with Him all things are possible. When someone feels so inclined to remind me why I am not qualified, He reminds me why I am.

When you have encountered this kind of love, this kind of Lover of your soul, you can never turn back. You can never settle for anything or anyone who is less than what His best is for you.

Be blessed and meditate on His great love for you. He is my lover, He is your lover, His love is big. His arms stretched wide enough to embrace all of us and yet, somehow, we can all feel like His favorite.

Be Free & Stay Free

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