Breaking You


Are your relationships the same old story? You know, same story but different face? You enter into a new relationship, expecting different results, only to find “you have been here before“? You have high hopes, but after the bells and whistles have gone your hope falls to the ground to be trampled on.

You begin to think all relationships are like this and you dare not believe you deserve more. You question your own worth. You define yourself based on one failed relationship after another. You become the relationship. You are consumed and soon you are drowning in the sea of lies.

You leave a piece of yourself in each relationship. Every break-up breaks you a little more each time. You grieve the loss, try to put your pieces back together and jump right back into another relationship, thinking this time it will work. This time you will get it right and this person will love you back together. But each piece of you that has been broken leaves you with a hole. No amount of glue from joining with another will put you back together. Because the injury from the past relationship follows you into the new relationship.

You may even begin to think all men (or women) are the same. You even accept the notion this is as good as it will ever get. You adapt. You change. You lose you and become the relationship.

You can not continue to do the same thing and expect different results.

You may not feel it, but you must believe, you are worth so much more. You are worthy to be loved, cherished, respected, and nurtured.

Do not seek your identity in another, but seek your identity in Him Who loves you. Until you know who you are in Him, you will tolerate treatment not suitable for a daughter (or son) of the King. Royalty does not play in the mud with pigs.

Develop your relationship with Jesus before you seek a relationship with another. Let Him heal you. Learn what He says about you.

Be Free & Stay Free

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